At present, we do not sell memberships; however, you may already have complimentary access to our attractions/services via your card/QR-CODE issuer in the region where your reside.

An QR-CODE is an electronic QR-CODE that is issued to specific customers, belonging to a non-financial institution client of ours. It usually entitles its holder to access a (pre-selected) destination, where the QR-CODE-holder can enjoy the benefits on offer by our participating partner at the selected destination.

To update your Luxurious Pass billing details, please follow these steps:


Log in to your account.

Click on the "My Details" tab.

Scroll down to "Billing details".

Enter your new payment card details.

Click on "Save".


Your bank may ask you to complete two-factor authentication. This is an extra layer of security that helps to protect your account.

Your membership information will be accessible on the website after you log in with your online account.

To book a service through the Luxurious Pass website, follow these steps:

  2. Login with user name for LP card holder , or through BIN for bank clients.
  3. For lounges click on our services.
  4. Specify your travel route by indicating the departure and arrival airports so it will allow you to book in advance.
  5. Provide your flight information, including departure and arrival terminals, flight number, as well as the date and time of your journey.(providers/Airports requirement).
  6. Choose the necessary services from the available options.
  7. Complete the passenger/passengers' details, ensuring they match the information on the travel document you will use. Additionally, include your current email address and phone number in international format. (providers/Airports requirement).
  8. Enter your payment card details and proceed to make the payment (Not for BIN clients)
  9. Once the transaction is successful, you will receive a card/QE-Code containing an order confirmation code in your email inbox.



You can access your placed orders, check your order history, and view their current statuses through your personal account on the official website at ( )

You have the option to reserve our service up to 365 days ahead of the scheduled delivery date. The specific minimum booking timeframe is contingent upon the airport's regulations and the particular service you've selected. Detailed guidelines regarding booking procedures and service provisions can be located within the description of the service that piques your interest.

This facility is exclusively accessible to individuals holding the QR code, and it is imperative that the name on the boarding pass corresponds with the QR code holder's name.

Guest policy


  • BIN users must refer back to the card issuer . 
  • LP Annual card members can bring guests to the lounge for free, but there may be a guest limit per lounge. You can check the lounge information for more details.
  • Guests Access to the lounge is exclusively granted to annual cardholders or those with a premium travel membership. The daily membership fee fluctuates based on the specific lounge you choose to access.
  • The lounge staff will not be able to tell you if your guests will be charged, so you will need to find out this information before you arrive.

To update your Luxurious Pass billing details, please follow these steps:


Log in to your account.

Click on the "My Details" tab.

Scroll down to "Billing details".

Enter your new payment card details.

Click on "Save".


Your bank may ask you to complete two-factor authentication. This is an extra layer of security that helps to protect your account.

Your membership information will be accessible on the website after you log in with your online account.

The QR-code readers at the lounge have been configured to identify all participants within the Luxurious Pass program. If you have been denied entry to the lounge due to your card not being recognized, kindly get in touch with your card issuer.

No, only the individual named on the bank card will have the privilege to use it for lounge access or other services. The staff will cross-reference the name on the card/QR-CODE with their boarding pass and identification card/passport.

Please reach out to your card issuer for confirmation regarding the status of your Luxurious Pass benefit.

The front desk staff will determine the eligibility and   verify your card/QR-CODE  for the Luxurious Pass Card without swiping your bank card. Due to changes in payment processing regulations, you might be required to Show of the QR-CODE which you downloaded from  Luxurious Pass website before entry process. For further details, please inquire about these modifications.

Yes it will be easy to access the lounge with the QR-CODE which you downloaded from  Luxurious Pass website , The lounge/other service staff will cross-reference the name on the card with their boarding pass and identification card/passport.

For any help or if you need to raise any concerns, feel free to reach out to us at:


  • Contact : +965 9441 3741 
  • Email : 

Many lounges may permit children's entry at the prevailing guest rate. However, specific policies can vary; consult the lounge provider for precise details.


Some lounges allow children to enter at the same rate as adults, but policies may vary. Please check the lounge finder for specific details.


The decision to allow guests into the lounge with an Luxurious Pass customer rests with the lounge's discretion. Visit the lounge provider for details on individual lounge conditions.


Whether or not guests are allowed into a lounge with a Luxurious Pass customer is up to the discretion of the lounge. You can find more information about the specific lounge's guest policy on the lounge finder.

Each lounge has its own restrictions on the duration of stay. In cases where time limits are enforced, it may be feasible to re-enter the lounge after the initial period has lapsed. The lounge staff will decide this on a case-by-case basis. Refer to the lounge provider for lounge-specific policies.


The length of time you can stay in a lounge varies from lounge to lounge. If a lounge has a time limit, you may be able to re-enter the lounge after the initial period has lapsed, but this will be decided on a case-by-case basis by the lounge staff. You can find more information about the specific lounge's time limit policy on the lounge finder.

Yes, to avoid unnecessary charges, both cards should be presented during lounge entry or use the service.

Extending invitations to accompany you to the lounge is entirely acceptable. Most lounges do not impose a fixed limit on the number of guests and the end it's depend on the card which are holding if it's allow s you to invite a guest , or he should pay for his visit, although any restrictions can be found in the lounge particulars on the lounge provider. We kindly request that you contact your card issuer for details regarding guest charges. Please be aware that each Luxurious Pass holder must present their card upon entering the lounge to ensure accurate billing.

We highly recommend having your Luxurious Pass digital card/QR-CODE on hand or you download it on you device, when attempting lounge access. Changes in the processing regulations may require you to scan your your card and complete authentication as part of the entry process.

Simply sign in to the website, pick the service you want, click on your chosen service, and it'll show you the directions on how to get to your destination inside the airport.

No free, We provide fast track service but it (paid) service.


  • Absolutely! If you have an annual membership with included guest privileges, you can bring guests along when you visit the lounge. You can easily purchase this membership on our website or through our mobile app.
  • Great news! With our annual membership that includes guest access, you can bring your companions to the lounge. Buy it now on our website or mobile app!


  • Alternatively, you can choose our Travel Premium prepaid option. Top up your membership card, and each guest visit will deduct one entry from your balance.
  • Another option is the Travel Premium prepaid plan. Top up your card, and each guest you bring will use one entry from your balance.


  • If your membership came from your bank or employer, they might have different rules about guest access. Please check with them directly for any specifics.
  • Your bank or company might have special rules about guest access for memberships they provide. Be sure to check with them for details.

Head to the lounges icon at the top of the page. Click on it, and then navigate to Explore Lounges.

Now, enter your destination in the empty field. After that, the system will display the available information you need.

You will have access to amenities such as refreshments, television, complimentary internet access, showers, and flight status updates. However, please note that the availability of these facilities may vary depending on the specific lounge you visit.

Before you go ahead and sign up or log in on our website, just double-check that your (computer, laptop, iPad, mobile, or tablet )doesn't have a firewall or anything like that turned on. Also, be aware that some browsers might not fully support access to our site and could potentially block some features.

As you're heading toward the lounge, you can book it instantly through a smooth process of navigation and selection. Simply choose the lounge you desire and complete the booking seamlessly, In many cases, it's advisable to book in advance, especially during peak travel times.

Upon visiting the Luxuriouspass website, you'll find the lounge status updates displayed in the lounges icon at the top of the initial webpage.

  • Register your eligible bank card
  • Discover nearby lounges and determine your eligibility for complimentary access.
  • Generate the QR code and present it to the lounge receptionist for lounge access.

"Absolutely! We use top-notch SSL encryption tech to keep your personal info safe and sound. Our website hangs out on super-secure servers, given the stamp of approval by VeriSign. We've got solid security measures in place to make sure your info doesn't get lost, misused, or messed with in any way.For further details on how your personal information will be stored, please consult our privacy policy.

The  the QR-CODE is non-transferable and cannot be converted into cash.

The validity of  the QR-CODE  is typically indicated on the the QR-CODE itself, and it may vary based on the issuer's/Provider program.

If your flight details change to a different flight number or with a new airline, make sure to let us know for the Meet & Greet / Fast track service. It's on you to keep us in the loop about any modifications.





It is the customer’s responsibility to declare in advance any Dangerous or

Disallowed Goods that will be carried, and the agent will not be held responsible for any

penalty, loss, damage, cost, claim or expense as a result of any breach of this


Fast track will provide the fast track service in some airports and that

will be specified in the fast track/ Meet & Greet/Meet & Assist specific pages. Fast track will not be

held liable if the immigration officers under any circumstance do not permit the agent to

pass through the “Meet & Greet/Fast Track” counters.

Please note, as the Meet&Greet/Fast Track service is operated by third parties,

LUXURIOUS PASS does not have any control over the closure of the Fast Track lane

(for example due to reasons of health and safety or circumstances beyond the airport’s

control) and so LUXURIOUS PASS cannot guarantee the availability of the Fast Track

Service for Qualifying Bookings. No cash alternative is available if Meet&Greet/Fast

Track is closed.

There are no assurances as to the queue length or time for Meet & Greet/Fast

Track and no guarantees that the Meet&Greet/Fast Track queue time will be less than the

standard lanes. With a Fast Track pass you are still subject to the same security

procedures and regulations so you will need to make sure you allow enough time for this.

You will be responsible if you miss your flight because you did not leave enough time to

go through the security process

Fast Track is non-transferable and non-exchangeable and no cash alternative

will be provided by LUXURIOUS PASS if you decide not to use the Meet & Greet/Fast

Track service.

LUXURIOUS PASS shall not bear any liability or responsibility towards any Cardholder

with respect to any losses, damages, attorney fees and expenses arising out of or in

connection with the services rendered by LUXURIOUS PASS.