We're a luxury management and service provider, We would like to make your travel experience more enjoyable. To provide a high level of exclusive range travel luxuries services, to our discerning clients. We undertake to provide our customers with the most competitive and cost-effective service without compromising the level of quality that is expected. '' LUXURIOUS PASS '' is specializing in the facilitation and procuring of exclusive services for the fast-moving & demanding sector of the leisure & Travel market, with particular emphasis on VIP Airport/ Services and we’re in constantly evolving our services.

And We are proudly present at over 68 Lounges & 1600+ Fast track & Meet&Greet worldwide. '' LUXURIOUS PASS '' was founded in early 2023 to be the airport lounges/travel luxuries service pioneers and "now" leader in its unique X-Factor, experiences With a over 18 years long in leisure & Travel industry, with experienced staff, working in Luxury service industry, guaranteeing the combination of global experience with local knowledge that will surpass our clients’ expectations With us, our client is ensured to enjoy a prominent exposure at every airport we operate within. We strive to ensure that our clients’ cardholders feel that they belong to an ultra–caring professional staff who are acting on their behalf by providing unmatched benefits and services,Unrelenting continuing improving their competitive edge.'' LUXURIOUS PASS '' is providing high level of commitment to its standard of work, enables its clients to focus on marketing their business effectively, by guaranteeing the supplying of their customers with a seamless end-to-end fulfillment operation. With modern facilities and expert staff, the service is intended to meet the needs of '' LUXURIOUS PASS '' direct clients and their respective discerning customers, Whilst we never stop thinking about further development & improvements to our concept to enhance our guests’ experience further.



To provide a high level of exclusive range travel luxuries services, to our discerning clients.



Our mission is to provide exclusive leisure and hospitality services to our members, offering a total airport solution to ensure a truly enjoyable experience. We aim to provide prominent exposure for our clients at every airport we operate in.